pillar is a digital support group developed especially for mums. It provides an additional layer of support designed to complement the current healthcare system by connecting you with mums one step ahead of you in the parenting journey to seek advice from, & one step behind you to offer your expertise to in situations you may have already faced.

We began researching the current support channels available to pregnant women and mums, and found a real need for a digital service that can offer support around the clock. However we understand that the support on offer needs to be from real people - other mums who have already experienced the things relevant to you as a mum.

Because let’s admit it… being a mum is the hardest job in the world. As the adage says, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, and in today’s connected world, pillar can be that village or network of supportive mums to help guide you on your journey.


pillar makes sure to provide you with compatible mums to turn to for support, at any time of the day. By combining the power of peer-to-peer support with a unique connection system that links you with like-minded mums to ensure more relevant connections and consequently more relevant support.

pillar uses a unique mentor model, connecting you with mums one step ahead in the parenting journey to gain advice from, and one step behind to share experiences with, empowering you to feel more confident about your parenting.

pillar offers you the opportunity to track your social wellbeing with a user-friendly tracker, using tools adopted by healthcare professionals specializing in perinatal mental wellbeing.


pillar provides more meaningful, emotional support, through a simple digital messaging system, by tapping into #ourpillar network of mums, who have already experienced the things the new wave of mums are going through.


Relevant Connections

pillar creates relevant connections by going beyond factors like location and age of child in the matching process. Instead we are constantly evaluating topics of interest, questions asked and advice sought. In this way we are able to flex around the changing nuances in parenting… A mum could be matched with a mum around the color of baby poop one week, and around partner conflicts the next, depending on the stage she is at and the issues she is currently facing.

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Mentor Mums

Using a mentor model means double the benefit. On the one hand, mums are able to gain relevant advice from mums who have been through similar situations (and have similar parenting styles - for instance a breastfeeding mum would be matched with a breastfeeding mum on feeding questions); but also we empower mums to talk about their experiences with mums one step behind in the journey, giving them more confidence in their own parenting manner. And all of this is done in a 1-2-1, anonymous conversation - giving mums a safe and secure place to discuss burning issues without fear of being judged by a multitude of people.


Social Wellbeing Tracker

By simply keeping track of how you are feeling daily, pillar is able to provide you more relevant insights around your personal parenting wellbeing and inform you of first-hand tips adopted by other mums from our network.
And the more you use it, the more we learn. So we can begin to help others, experiencing the same thing from #ourpillar community.


Meet #ourpillar network!

We rely heavily on #ourpillar community to help us ensure pillar is providing the best level of support for mums. Meet a few of #ourpillar mums below:


Mother of a 12 month old son.

"The service felt anonymous without being anonymous which actually helped. I felt more useful when offering advice"

Mother of a 6 months old son.

I liked I was able to help someone, it felt like I was giving advice to my past self
Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 2.01.00 PM.png

Mother of a 4 months old daughter.

“I felt comfortable because she was asking me questions rather than me giving her advice when she didn't need it.”

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