pillar connects you with women one step ahead of you in the parenting journey to seek advice from & one step behind you to offer your expertise to in situations you may have already been through.

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pillar is a layer of additional support designed to compliment the current healthcare system; offering mums and mums-to-be a safe, judgement-free support network of other mums just like you. This is the next level of mother support group, where we use technology to match you to women in similar situations ultimately giving you better support in your journey through motherhood.  


You will be...

Meaningful emotional support outside of the current healthcare system through a simple messenger style support network. Anonymous (if needed) with the option to ask further questions to create deeper and more meaningful connections.

You will be...

A verified network of people with a personalised match-up service giving you compatible companions to turn to for support both digitally and in real-world meet-ups if desired.

You will be...

Empowering you to give advice to women one step behind in the parenting journey & gain advice from women one step ahead: giving you more confidence in the parenting choices you make.


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As mothers we don’t have a lot of time...
I barely make it through downloading a new app
— Susan, 33

THROUGH A SIMPLE messenger...

Sign up to pillar using either SMS or Facebook Messenger.

Answer a short set of predefined questions that will allow us to match you to women in similar situations to you.

Wait to be connected to other women either asking for or giving advice, through a personalised secure chat.




As we develop the service, we are looking for our first wave of users!
Please sign up below by testing our our chatbot on facebook messenger so that we can keep you informed on the developments of pillar!


Or sign up via your email.


Mother of a 12 month old son.

"The service felt anonymous without being anonymous which actually helped. I felt more useful when offering advice"

Mother of a 6 months old son.

I liked I was able to help someone, it felt like I was giving advice to my past self

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Mother of a 4 months old daughter.

“I felt comfortable because she was asking me questions rather than me giving her advice when she didn't need it.”


Please contact us with any questions, comments or feedback you have about pillar. 
We would love to hear your thoughts and promise to read every message we are sent.


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